Chahatt Khanna has given enough time to set her entrepreneurial ventures

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Chahatt Khanna has not been extremely active in the acting scenario for some time as she has been devoting time to entrepreneurship and her young kids. She is now completely focused on her work and hungry to work on great projects.
She is reading multiple scripts and finalizing the projects that she wants to go ahead with. She was last seen alongside Sanjay Dutt in prasthanam.  Chahatt had been a busy actress for a long time since very early in her career.
We got in touch with her and here is what she has got to say, “I was involved with my kids and my online businesses and other ventures for some time. I gave it almost three years and currently they are in a good state. I am now signing some projects. Some people thought that I don’t want to be in front of the camera anymore.
It’s my first love. I have always enjoyed being in front of the camera. I am reading a lot of scripts these days and I want to concretize things soon. It’s been a good time away from all the happenings as well. It’s rekindled the hunger for great characters in me. So gunning for it now.”

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